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Wrapping up 5th and forging ahead

So, the end of an era has arrived. The fated sixth edition has arrived, and we all have looked back (after reading the rules, some more sadly than others) at 5th. Well, I wrapped up my 5th edition experience with 5 unreported games (I’m a slacker…I know. Last time I EVER take 4 summer college classes at once. Pheww, glad that’s over).

First, Nurgle vs. Space Wolves. yeah, I got stomped. Hard. It was a sad day. I came out with 0 battle points, but with the silver lining that I was not tabled.

Next was the FLGS tournament. 2000 points, general format. I fielded my mono-Khorne army as it had been hot as of late and it served me well. Tied for 3rd with a BA player (ironically my 3rd opponent who I had beat). Had my dice, fate, luck, or maybe common sense served me better round two against the other LGS daemon player I might have pulled out a 2nd place win…But who knows. Overall, 2 strong wins and a massacre and 2/3 total battle points seemed pretty good.

Then, last week I ran my rats teamed up with the aforementioned daemon player. It did not go as planned. I mean…damn, it was bad. We played against a combined Space Wolf pod list and a Shrike Bomb assault/Pod list. It was bad, I think 7 combined pods. lots of kill points, but with them dropping in so early, assaultng turn one (NO MORE THOUGH!!! HA HA HA) with an infiltrating shrike. Yep…it sucked.

Then it came. Sixth edition. For all the rumors, the mechanics didn’t change a ton. Power weapons and MCs got hit pretty hard, but MCs combined with challenges, smash, and vector strike certainly have the possibility to be nasty. Some things got better (aka- Daemonettes and flamers) while others got worse (thirsters and plague bearers). But…the addition of allies is what interested me most.

So I play renegade guard and daemons. The guardsmen of Cordos fight against the imperium. Now through adding some CSM, I will tie the two factions together and push ahead with my cordos storyline (I got slack on it for a while when I realized that November was not my final time hack…I am a procrastinator by nature).

But with 6th comes unanswered questions. Like do CSM icons work for daemon deep striking? Can my daemons assault off the icon? Can I take unlimited lesser daemons for filler? Why do daemons still have no psyker defense (something they could have addressed in their massive special rules compendium section under the rule…Daemons ironically). Regardless, my ranks have been swelled by Chaos chosen, a Chaos sorceror, and some plague marines. Next…Chaos Nurgle bikers….because T6 is just hard to kill! 🙂

So, now that I am back into the swing of things, I expect to knock out my first combined arms battle report in 6th on Friday. Until then, must assemble models…

Thanks for Reading


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