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Blades vs. Bullets: The Red Tide squares off against the Tau

Ok, it’s late so this one may be shorter than most…but will still have lots of pics!

So the other night I played against a guy from my FLGS who opted to play Tau.  We played the same Safeguard mission from last week (check last batrep for actual mission link).

I ran the same list as before.

He ran (this is from memory mind you…)

2 Hammerheads

HQ squad with crisis suits

squad of crisis suits

squad of broad sides

I think 4 squads of Firewarriors

a squad of gun drones

and some stealth suits


I opt to go heavy again with 2 bloodthirsters, a squad of hounds, and 2 squads of crushers.


Well…after deepstriking things went poorly for me.  He managed to all but obliterate my first wave…


Got in a replace the huge losses from turn 1.

Well, got in a squad of bloodletters, the daemon prince, and the soul grinder turn 2.  Luckily, this is where things turn around.  He pours an insane amount of fire into the bloodcrushers (smaller unpainted squad) and doesn’t quite kill them.  I of  course do nothing my turn 2.  On his turn, he brings in his gun drones (which deepstrike, not outflank mind you).

He nicely handled the bloodletters...the crushers held out though.

So, my soulgrinder assaults the gun drones (which happily stick around until his turn so my soulgrinder can’t get destroyed) and I destroy the hammerhead with my DP.  I now have started to get some momentum against this gunline!

Finally destroyed that damn hammerhead!

During his turn, he pops a few shots into the DP and crushers putting some hurt on them but he does finally kill the 2 crushers holding on for dear life.  I also break his drones and they flee and manage a “5” for consolidate towards his crisis suits.

During my turn I will run towards him with my soulgrinder and lock up his HQ unit…This was a HUGE mistake due to the invulns.  I should have just gone and taken out the crisis squad and the hit the broadsides the following turn.  Instead I got locked up for the rest of the game and he only failed three saves of way more than that.  Damn, poor target choice on my part.

I assaulted the HQ squad because it was closer.  I should have taken my chances and assaulted the farther normal crisis squad).

I also swing the hoard on his flank around the corner and use the crushers as rolling cover.

Because crushers are big enough to give even my DP a cover save!

The DP ends up assaulting and destroying a squad of fire warriors, the bloodletters never make it into combat, the crushers die from bullets and the hounds lose an assault to FIRE WARRIORS! It was a sad day…Saves were not my thing I guess, but rolls to hit were pretty good so when I DID make combat I was in good shape…Until he made 4/4 armor saves. 😦

It ended up me thinking I had lost 13/18.  Upon reviewing the game to write this report I realized I had won 18/13 (I switched secondary and tertiary objectives, putting KPs as secondary when we discussed who the winner was…)

We split the primary as neither objective was ever even activated (+8 for both).  I had bloodletters in his deployment while he had no scoring units in mine +10 me) , and he clearly got the kill points (+5 him).  Thus, 18/13 me.  Overall, he got the satisfaction there of winning, but when it comes to the stats for record keeping this one gets penciled in as a “win” (Pyrrhic as it may be 😛 )


Overall, this list is a blast to play but has a good number of issues.  Due to the concept of the list it may be set aside for the hobby tournament as comp will be a large factor and when it comes to rubrics, running doubles of everything (a core concept behind “fire and ice” army) it get’s hammered pretty damn bad.  HOWEVER, it may be time to dust of the minions of Nurgle who are very nearly complete already and will score a 70 without any bonus points from the judges and given the restrictions in the codex for god based heavies I imagine it will get a perfect 80.  Now time to finish up the DPoN I have been working on scratch building for so long now…


Thanks for reading!,




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