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Almost finished!

So, almost finished the DPoN I have been working on for what seems like ages.  Mind you, this guy has a handful of bitz and is otherwise GS, milput, toothpicks, and of course…RBB.

Yeah, he's a worm.  Allows me to run him with "wings" or not.

So. Much. Green. Stuff…

Will post some better pictures of him.  I still have to complete the base and do the webbing for the other side of the jaw.

The tentacles turned out shorter than I was going to do initially.  I did this largely for model balance.  There are 4 of them, but I may add two much longer ones (sort of like a squid’s ambush tentacles) to have as well to play with and make him look a little more dynamic.  The base will be built up foam and flock, with some clumps of dirt and rocks then painted light brown on the outside and dark brown and black with a gloss finish on the inside to make it look like freshly churned wet earth.  Moss and mold effects to EVERYTHING.  Then some rocks that get pushed up from below as well to cap off the “crater” effect.  I may have a hapless space marine (UMs of course) being somehow in trouble from this guy.

Right now he is a little off balance (not as bad as he looks in the pic, that’s the curvature of the lightbox).  Will likely add some heavy weights to the base to make him quite sturdy and solid no matter what I put him on.

I may also bend the headed tongue to be looking more straight on.


Would love to get comments and suggestions.

Thanks for reading!,



Blades vs. Bullets: The Red Tide squares off against the Tau

Ok, it’s late so this one may be shorter than most…but will still have lots of pics!

So the other night I played against a guy from my FLGS who opted to play Tau.  We played the same Safeguard mission from last week (check last batrep for actual mission link).

I ran the same list as before.

He ran (this is from memory mind you…)

2 Hammerheads

HQ squad with crisis suits

squad of crisis suits

squad of broad sides

I think 4 squads of Firewarriors

a squad of gun drones

and some stealth suits


I opt to go heavy again with 2 bloodthirsters, a squad of hounds, and 2 squads of crushers.


Well…after deepstriking things went poorly for me.  He managed to all but obliterate my first wave…


Got in a replace the huge losses from turn 1.

Well, got in a squad of bloodletters, the daemon prince, and the soul grinder turn 2.  Luckily, this is where things turn around.  He pours an insane amount of fire into the bloodcrushers (smaller unpainted squad) and doesn’t quite kill them.  I of  course do nothing my turn 2.  On his turn, he brings in his gun drones (which deepstrike, not outflank mind you).

He nicely handled the bloodletters...the crushers held out though.

So, my soulgrinder assaults the gun drones (which happily stick around until his turn so my soulgrinder can’t get destroyed) and I destroy the hammerhead with my DP.  I now have started to get some momentum against this gunline!

Finally destroyed that damn hammerhead!

During his turn, he pops a few shots into the DP and crushers putting some hurt on them but he does finally kill the 2 crushers holding on for dear life.  I also break his drones and they flee and manage a “5” for consolidate towards his crisis suits.

During my turn I will run towards him with my soulgrinder and lock up his HQ unit…This was a HUGE mistake due to the invulns.  I should have just gone and taken out the crisis squad and the hit the broadsides the following turn.  Instead I got locked up for the rest of the game and he only failed three saves of way more than that.  Damn, poor target choice on my part.

I assaulted the HQ squad because it was closer.  I should have taken my chances and assaulted the farther normal crisis squad).

I also swing the hoard on his flank around the corner and use the crushers as rolling cover.

Because crushers are big enough to give even my DP a cover save!

The DP ends up assaulting and destroying a squad of fire warriors, the bloodletters never make it into combat, the crushers die from bullets and the hounds lose an assault to FIRE WARRIORS! It was a sad day…Saves were not my thing I guess, but rolls to hit were pretty good so when I DID make combat I was in good shape…Until he made 4/4 armor saves. 😦

It ended up me thinking I had lost 13/18.  Upon reviewing the game to write this report I realized I had won 18/13 (I switched secondary and tertiary objectives, putting KPs as secondary when we discussed who the winner was…)

We split the primary as neither objective was ever even activated (+8 for both).  I had bloodletters in his deployment while he had no scoring units in mine +10 me) , and he clearly got the kill points (+5 him).  Thus, 18/13 me.  Overall, he got the satisfaction there of winning, but when it comes to the stats for record keeping this one gets penciled in as a “win” (Pyrrhic as it may be 😛 )


Overall, this list is a blast to play but has a good number of issues.  Due to the concept of the list it may be set aside for the hobby tournament as comp will be a large factor and when it comes to rubrics, running doubles of everything (a core concept behind “fire and ice” army) it get’s hammered pretty damn bad.  HOWEVER, it may be time to dust of the minions of Nurgle who are very nearly complete already and will score a 70 without any bonus points from the judges and given the restrictions in the codex for god based heavies I imagine it will get a perfect 80.  Now time to finish up the DPoN I have been working on scratch building for so long now…


Thanks for reading!,



Daemon Strategy Part 1: Mono-Nurgle forces. What are the Nurgle units and how do they stack up?

Okie doke then.  Taking a bit of time off from the rats to catch up with my daemons.  So, I will start with the strategy that not only has worked really well for me at my FLGS, but seems to be almost a joke in many people’s eyes.

So, let’s look at the units in a mono-nurgle force shall we?

Epidemius: I’ll start with this guy.  This guy is the keystone to the whole thing.  No, he’s not truly required, so if he dies don’t lose hope and just quit.  It just means your 13 point nurgling bases aren’t gonna be terminator killing monsters anymore.

So, Epidemius as a force multiplier is awesome.  The tally of pestilence rule allows all of your units to get stronger, this part is obvious.  HOWEVER, he is a great means of target priority confusion.  This alone can be a strategy, and has been before for me.  If you bury him in a unit of 15-20 plaguebearers he is miserable to dig out.  Just miserable.  Don’t bank on an experienced player going all in for this guy though unless your tally is at 15 when you get those 3+ FNP rolls and then he will be target numero uno. 

Epedimius isn’t half bad as a HQ herald either.  Rocking defensive grenades,  aura of decay, a poison weapon with 3 attacks and 3 wounds for 110 points with eternal warrior isn’t half bad.  In fact, it’s pretty good and a lot of books have MUCH worse options for HQ units.  If you use him, remember that if you are against real strong units that can kill him if basing him, put him in the rear or buried.  Against large squads, make sure he is up front to capitalize on those defensive grenades.

Overall, he is a “MUST HAVE” for a mono-nurgle list.

Kugath/GUO: Ok, so go with Kugath if you can.  For only 135 points extra you get an extra wound, 3 ranged attacks,  and an extra melee attack.  Kugath is everything you could ever want…except fast.  If for some reason you can’t take him, go with a GUO and put breath of chaos, Unholy might, cloud of flies, and instrument of chaos on him bringing him to a comfy 215.  The GUO will be lacking a bunch of stuff, but will still have the key ranged attack and a higher strength to boot (good for vehicles as he wounds everything on a 2+ if it has a T value).

Kugath is an early game dead-model delivery system.  Not a guy you want to hold for later, or second half.  His blast that is AP2 allows him to really crank out some wounds, and coupled with breath, can rack up a LOT of wounds even when he deepstrikes.  Remember, his role is two-fold.  First, he kills things.  Plain and simple.  Don’t be afraid to get him in the mess.  With a toughness of 6, 6 wounds, FNP, and a 4+ invuln there is really no army that has scoffed at him or ever brought him down easily.  HOWEVER, the one exception is space wolves.  If they have jaws, go in with daemon princes and icons, crack the transports,  and then land him within 6 of the icon to toast the wolf priest.  Second, he is a target priority modifier.  No one says “hey, its a dude with 6 S6 MC attacks on the charge with 6 wounds.  Nah, I can deal with him last turn…”.  Everyone will go guns ablaze to drop him before he closes.  The joy of Nurgle and the current meta is this: Most games are at least in-part, if not primarily, objective games.  The enemy WILL be coming to you eventually if you put yourself between them and the objectives (unless they are fast..will get to that in a bit).  So throw him in, let him take abuse, and watch as he shrugs it off and keeps a coming.  However, watch out for GK stuff.  Given the current rules system, they can lower his Ld to 2, then hit him with a force weapon, forcing a Ld check or he dies.  Yeah, had that happen.  Just make your opponent hand you his army list and grill him on his powers first, don’t let him sandbag you.

Overall, Kugath or a GUO are key units, even WITHOUT Epidemius.  Take one, or two if no Epidemius.

Beasts of Nurgle:  I have never actually played these guys.   I can’t really say if they are good or bad as unless you play a MASSIVE game, you will burn up any excess points on plaguebearers.  If you have taken them to much effect, good or bad, let me know and I will surely update this!

Nurglings: Don’t discount these guys.  Lots of people whom are veterans of 40K say “Bah, swarms are useless”.  Here, they are wrong.  At only 13 points a model, they are great for tying up that one nasty heavy hitting MC or unit.  Great for tying up things like walkers, Mephiston, or even whole squads for a few turns.  For only 117 points you get 27 wounds.  Yeah, that’s tough to pound through.
Here’s the bonus.  Those little swarms that they ignore turn into anti-infantry powerhouses once you hit ten models dead.  10…that’s not many.  Unless you are playing against GK or elite BA list, maybe some super mech armies, 10 is turn 2..maybe 3.  SO, suddenly that S3 swarm base with 3 attacks suddenly wounds on 2.  Yeah…you get the idea.  Ever seen a terminator squad break against a squad of swarms or a swarm lord go down to half his points?  Then, you hit 20…and they become nightmares.  Normal Nurgle units are, but these guys are brutal.  Not only are they wounding on 2 and ignoring armor saves, but they have stealth so it’s damn near impossible to kill the damned things.  Lot’s of people say “Oh, Cover denying S6 flamers”.  Standard anti-swarm equipment, and while flame templates with S6 not that common, S6 and above blasts are and flamers are as well.  HOWEVER, tack on the 5+ invuln and eternal warrior and suddenly that unit that they mocked is chewing it’s way through things such as hive tyrants, tervigons, hammernator squads, and even things with Dark Excommunication fall nicely ( take away the wounding on 2.  I still ignore armor, have eternal warrior, and 3 attacks base so I am gonna roll enough “6’s” to drop you.


Bottom line, take these guys.  Take them to fill up space if nothing else.


Plaguebearers:  These guys are the bread and butter of any nurgle force.  With a T5, FNP, and a 4+ poison weapon (that becomes a 3+ after only 5 kills, then 2 up), these guys benefit most from the tally.  Without the tally, they aren’t super hot, but can hold their own in CC.  However, the tally is what makes these guys tough as nails and nasty as hell.  They are slow, so you are gonna want to spread them out.  If you clump, even a inexperienced player is going to run and gun you to death.  Spread out so that when he runs…he runs into you.


Daemon Prince of Nurgle:

Here he is…your anti-tank.  I suggest running 3.  With wings…and armor.  I kit mine with armor, wings, breath of chaos, mark of Nurgle, noxious touch, and cloud of flies.  This makes him weigh in at 245 points so he is pricey to say the least.  But with the 3+/5++ and a T6 with flight, you gotta use him aggressively.  Rhinos?  Yeah, Plaguebearers can pop them, and most of the time a well dropped GUO or Kugath can catch them.  Use the princes for those tough things.  Land raiders, Monoliths, or (and this is key) killing those damned fast things!  This is why you take the breath.  With a 4+ glance, you have a reasonable chance to glance ANYTHING.  Then, you need to roll a 4 or 6.  That’s not great, but really any roll works.  Why a 4 or 6 you ask?  To auto-hit that tank.  5 attacks with a 4 or 6 to hit?  Not great.  5 auto-hits, even against AV 14 (he is S5 with 2D6 armor pen, so average pen of 12) he has a pretty good shot at at least stunning him again (which you then auto-hit during his turn).  Once the princes crack those crunchy outer shells to reveal the soft squishy filling, it’s game on for everyone else…to include the prince.  This guy doesn’t really benefit from the tally at all…I mean it, not at all.  He wounds on a 2+ and ignores armor saves, plus he lacks FNP.  So these are the guys to sick on the opponent early.  Yes…they will die.  However, if no vehicles, chuck them at big things.  With wounding on 2+ with re-rolls to wound against T5 and less (so pretty much most things) and an I5 to boot, they can drop many things such as dreads, MCs, and small squads before they even get to swing.  An experienced player will seek to gun these bubbas down, so playing defensively will give them adequate time to mass-bolter you to pieces.  Hug terrain and cover to try to get that 4+ cover, and then assault as soon as humanly able.


That’s it for the Mono-Nurgle units…next will be “Deep striking with Nurgle: How to deepstrike a force that is slow and purposeful with no shooting”.


Thanks for reading!


What to run, what to run, what to run.

So I played my mono-Khorne list. It is a theme of cold and hot, and it really is not far from completion (I mean, still have a thirster, but the model count is less for sure). It is by far a more impressive list as well and tons of fun to play. However, a 100% converted army is also quite impressive and turns heads and is also fun to run the big guns (oh, and I will be going back to the deathstrike). So what do I do?

Well, BOTH WILL BE PAINTED. The question is, which do I focus on? I don’t have time to build a nice board, finish all the models, and do all the real life stuff I have going on in addition all before the Novembe tourney.

I am leaning towards the daemons, but a lot really depends on a) new edition and b) new codex for daemons (keeping those fingers crossed!!!). A new Daemon book would seal the deal, but I doubt that DAEMONS will get a book until early to mid next year (if at all). The new edition may also radically change how everything works and a mono-Khorne list is completely impractical (because we all know that I build lists based on balance and practicality…).

The downside of the IG skaven is, frankly, lack of funds. I have all the models for my daemons with a few minor conversions. The IG still need lots of things, and LOTs of conversions still (everything from pistols on belts to turrets finished for tanks and guns). So, as my FLGS runs 2 hobby events a year (well this year they will be), I feel that it may be a better idea to bench the IG or possibly just bench the daemons.

Regardless, what does the community feel? Should I run my newer force, continue to drive on with it and finish painting it or work on it here and there and finish after November in leiu of building my Khorne force to a high standard?