General 40k Shinanigans

Tourney Wrap-up…and looking ahead.

So, went to my FLGS monthly tourney yesterday with the rat guard. It was 1850, ran my standard list.

First game was against Tau. He was new to the list, and fresh back into 40k, so between me still getting used to setting up my force, him and me checking tau rules, and explaining some of my rules to him we were cutting into playtime fast. We ended getting 3 full turns… not great, but not as bad as it could be. He got hammered bad turn 1, came back and did not too bad to end with 23 me, 10 him.

Second game was against a mechanized IG army with FW IA autocannon turrets, vet abilities on the vehicles (+1 to armor pen), and some command tank. So AC with S8 for purpose of damaging vehicles. Suffice to say, I got hammered, but through KP denial managed to take the KP victory, giving him 21 or 22 and I got 10. I DID learn that barrage hits SIDE armor if the hole is above the hole.

Last game against Necrons. With my shooting lists, I have yet to find a strong means to hammer necrons down (Daemons on the other hand eat them for lunch). Was going pretty well until we looked at the clock. CRAP, 15 minutes left and it was his turn (he went second) which meant that I wouldn’t be able to adjust for last turn. He ended up taking full BP. I learned the good lesson to pay attention to the damn clock. I could have easily tied primary, to at least net me 8 (plus the 1 bonus) to equal 9 instead of 1. 🙂

I DID learn how brutal first rank fire second rank fire was though. I am very strongly considering taking more infantry and less artillery or tank.

THAT SAID, I think I will be going back to my daemons for next month. While playing the rats was fun, and for it being my first tourney with them a win, minor loss, and a massacre caused largely by lack of attention to detail I feel it could have been much worse, the rats lacked the pop that daemons have. I believe it may have been the moderation of the games. With my daemons have rarely had a day of running middle of the road. Normally I fall in the middle pack by scoring one really big loss (game 1) followed by a big win (game 2) followed by a moderate win or draw (game 3). Plus the options for IG don’t really allow for the hilarity of daemons. Because let’s face it, with an army of little shooting (none in my case), all deep strike, and every other action based on a die roll there will be REALLY high ups, and REALLY low downs. None of this “middle of the road” crap.

THUS, I will be returning to daemons to run my mono-khorne monstrosity. I am dubious if it will succeed in the least, but I felt that way about my mono-nurlge and low and behold I found myself at table 1 game 3 in that tournament. SO, I’m not about to count out 2000 points of power weapons or MC. We shall see though. If that flops, then perhaps mono slaanesh or back to Mono-nurlge.

Thanks for reading,


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