General 40k Shinanigans

Now that I got a break, progress! Oh, and a battle report.


Alrighty…Finally finished with finals and settled into a routine for the summer! Time to catch up. While I may NOT have been blogging, I have managed to get some playing and painting done with the rats. So the progress, without pics:

I have paint on all of the clanrats I intend to use for the fall hobby tournament (might use more, but planning on 30 right now). Only finished some of them, but made some pretty good headway. Still have a grey lascannon team however and a primed ML team. Those will come.

Plan to build 2 griffons right now, possibly a Collosus. The turret is finished sans the melta gun (have to figure out how to magnetize this bad boy 😛 ) for the devil dog. The Manticore is still in need of some TLC.

The vets have been assembled, but still have some modeling to do there.

The PLT HQ squad has gotten a little paint, but still needs work.

I think for Vox casters I will GS the IG ones onto the rats and then GS oversized straps. Then I am going to GS some telephone looking receivers for hand-mics on the side since they dont have the vox-caster helmets.

One of the PBS have got their base colors.

HOWEVER, for the standoff, the basilisk will be falling in with the first squadron. I may swap it out for a colosus or swap out one of the Griffons. One of the PBS will likely go away and be replaced by a ratling sniper squad or by some stormvermin (Because the actual models are called storm vermin it just works). That will be a later thing…knowing me, last minute.

SO! Onto the batrep.

I played against an IG player (mind you, this is my 4th game recently with the rats, and the first three were failures but I dont feel like recapping that far back…). The mission was Divide and Conquer available at Creative Twilight.

He was running a vendetta/Vet/Hadres breaching drill list.

The long and short of it was he ended up not coming in with anything until turn 2 and I went first. THUS, I had spread out pretty good. He mishaps one of his drills and so starts not only late, but at a disadvantage. Due to his aggressive playstyle and my overextending beyond a command and control range, he caught up quick. Luckily, my vets managed to be in ranged and scored a wreck against a vendetta and I managed to shore up my defenses. THAT said, it was a slugfest for all 6 or 7 turns, with both sides beaten up pretty badly. I ended up with a strong win, I think I took full battle points, but had some die rolls not worked it would have swung very differently. Thus, I took the win, shook hands, and reflected. I feel I need to stay a little more clumped with the infantry guys (so I can focus fire a little better), however the drills were an oddity I had never encountered before and the game was a blast. Hope to play him at the upcoming FLGS tourney!


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