General 40k Shinanigans

First mission: Escape

Bear with me, this is my first mission I have ever written.  This is not really made to be balanced, but rather simply add to and help develop a narrative that will be more entertaining, believable given game mechanics, and unique than one completely fabricated.

So here it is!

Hey all,
So in writing the fluff I wanted to make the fiction of the cordos rats sound like actual battles thus I am going to put together thematic missions and would like to play against some IG mainly and then eventually some missions against SM.  They won’t be particularly balanced, but they are aimed at making the fluff…well, fluffy thus there will be some modifications (one side outnumbered, universal USRs, nightfight, sentries, etc).  I have about 6 planned out, but the first 2 are 1000 points or less and can be done in a single weekend.  The concept is, if I win them all is the following (will come up with plot hooks if I lose them)

-Escape (commander escapes imperial palace with vital planetary and installation defense protocols)  If I lose this, following mission is called rescue…guess what that is.
-Hold the line (Commander and small force hold their position against an imperial attack)
-Offensive surge (The rats of cordos go on the offensive against the secondary imperial outpost which also serves as a major armory for the planet thus has significant static defenses)
-Breakthrough (The rats of cordos, now well armed, clash against the imperial fortress to crush the remaining PDF which is now bolstered by a small SM force)
-Checkmate(The rats fight in the corridors and courtyards of the imperial palace to fight their way to the planetary governor and garrison commander)
-Endgame (The rats defend their world against an attacking SM or SW force (either works for this game).

First game is only 500 points, second game is 1000, third game is 1000, fourth is 1250 or 1500, fifth is 1500, sixth is 1850.  Essentially it serves to A) builds the fluff before standoff and b- builds up to the optimal points level for standoff and lets me experiment with lots of unit types and builds.  Obviously, not a seven weeks in a row thing, but when we get the chance type thing.  Any takers?


Veril Longtooth, having stolen key defense information, makes a daring escape from the imperial palace with the other Cordos servants. Knowing the palace guards will respond and try to stop them, he rallies them and arms them with crude close combat weapons. He also disguises two of the other larger servants as himself, hoping to disperse the guards focus from him and the rats scurry off to find exits from the palace grounds. Suddenly, the palace alarm sounds and the clamor of booted feet and shouting is heard, with the thunderous voice of the captain of the guard rising above the clamor.

Objectives: The Rats are trying to “escape” through the enemy table edge by escaping with one of 3 commanders. The Imperial guard are trying to stop the commanders from escaping.

Deployment: The table used is 4×4 to represent the imperial palace and adjoining grounds. The table is set up with 50% terrain. The table will be divided into quarters with the rats deploying in one and the imperial guard denoting the remaining 3 quarters 1,2, or 3 respectively. For each guard unit deployed, the player will roll a D3 and deploy that unit in the corresponding quarter to represent the surprised nature of the imperial guards reaction to the breach in security.

Reserves: No reserves are allowed in this mission.

First turn: The rats go first.

Game length: The game follows the standard game length outlined in the Warhammer 40,000 core rulebook.

Victory Conditions: At the end of the game, if the rats have escaped with any number of commanders and none have been lost, the rats win. If the game ends and no commanders have escaped the rats lose. If the game ends and at least one commander has been killed and at least one has escaped, roll a D6. On a 2+ the rats win and the true commander has escaped. On a 1, the true commander has been captured by the imperial guards.

Special Rules:

Night fight: The entire game is fought under night fight conditions.

Grab his gun lads!: All rats are equipped with only 2 CCW at the start of the game (excluding commanders who are equipped with CCW and bolt pistol). For each enemy model killed, the rats gain a lasgun as the rats have no weapons at their disposal in the palace at the time and fight only with cooking knives and large crude axes.

Calgoroth, Captain of the Guard: Calgorath is the captain of the guard and is equipped with laspistol, Carapace armor, and CCW (and all other equipment of a Imperial Guard senior officer). He is an IC and does not cost points. He is fielded with the IG army and may be used as the required HQ selection.

Modified force org: The force organization for this mission is as follows- 1-2 HQ, 0-1 Elites, 1-6 Troops, 0 Fast attack, 0 Heavy support.

Longtooth, Supreme commander of Cordos: Longtooth is considered as an IC and counts as a Lord Commisar (As he is unable to issue orders due to a lack of training of his subordinates at this time) but is awe inspiring to those around him. No upgrades are available. The rats must field 3 of these at no charge (Counting as Longtooth and his two look-alikes), but the rats may only field troops options during this mission.

Would love to hear comments and suggestions.


Thanks for reading,



One response

  1. Sounds cool. As you said and is obvious, you’re going for a narrative and I feel the rules and setup reflect your intent well.

    April 24, 2012 at 8:57 am

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