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Cheaper is better, right?

So as I cast more and more objectives for my FLGS hobby tournament I had a debacle and knocked over part B of my resin from Micromark. Now, not to go on a rant about Micro Mark, but their stuff is amazing. For anyone looking into doing 28mm casting, Micromark is the way to go. They offer everything from casting supplies to modeling supplies, even miniature woodworking tools such as tablesaws, routers, vices, and drill presses designed for miniatures and miniature terrain (they are a model company for trains). HOWEVER, to expedite shipping is SUPER expensive and as I needed the resin NOW, I was forced to use a different type. So the cheap part of me won over and I order a slightly less expensive by ounce (most resin bought in about 32 ounces will be about 1$ per ounce or around there).

I ordered Alumilite brand resin. There are a few plusses to it. Comes with measuring stuff, sets wicked fast to allow for rapid demolding, and is pretty lenient on mixing (Micro-Mark stuff will get nasty if you A) do not mix it 100% or B) if you put just a little too much A or B in the mix). Alumilite resin will be the resin I WILL USE for terrain as it hardens quicker and is a little cheaper. However, for models I will be sticking to Micro-Mark for the following reasons.

-Alumilite sets and hardens quick. This gives air bubbles little time to rise from the resin. Micro-Mark, for objectives, is ready to demold after 40-50 minutes, not 10. That gives the air nearly an hour to rise either out of the cast or at least into the center where it does not impact the detail. The alumilite casts have more air bubbles than my other molds have.

– Details. Not sure why but the alumilite details just aren’t as crisp. Alumilte is like trying to copy a picture by taking a picture of it with your camera and printing the picture. Not quite as crisp. Micro-Mark is akin to making a copy of it with a quality photo-copier. The edges are sharper and with micro-mark even the smallest imperfections are copied (this can be a pain however).

– Pouring spout. Yeah, I know this is minor, but its one of those things you don’t notice unless you have it then lose it. Micro-Mark provides pouring spouts for their bottles that allow you to pour less without a mess. Alumilite (at least the 8 ounce bottles I got) do not so it can be more of a pain to pour.

So all in all, if you are looking to resin casting of objectives, models, or bases go with quality. you won’t regret it. HOWEVER, for things such as terrain or very basic bases (tiles perhaps or just casting basic flocked bases) Alumilite will do the trick.

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  1. These seem like good tips. Thanks for sharing…

    April 19, 2012 at 5:22 pm

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