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Soldiers of Cordos fight the Soldiers of Russ


So last night I paired off against a SW player at my FLGS. I was running my rat list which is here  The lord commisar was with the blob of 3 guardsmen.  Ironically, they never had a cover save the whole game…fail.

My opponent was running:

1 rune priest with jaw/hurricane

5 thundercav with SS

3 squads grey hunters (2 in rhinos)

Land speeder

2 preds (AC/LC)

We opted to play a mission for an upcoming tournament he is playing in, my FLGS April Assault.  We opted to play  Target Priority.

We roll off to see who goes first, I do but he wins the objectives.  The objectives are placed along almost the center line, neither side having a disadvantage. or advantage.

I deploy with the PBS flanking my elements, the the command squads in cover near the blob, the blob in plain sight (bad move on my part), the vets behind some LOS cover, and the mortars out of LOS in the back of the table.  I hung back from the front of my deployment zone to deny him that turn 1 assault if he got a 6 on his fleet.  Thus he ended up deploying rhinos in front of the thundercav and with his preds flanking this mass of steel and iron.  I held my bane wolf in reserves to outflank and infiltrated my snipers into some area terrain surrounded by a river (natural defenses…hells yeah!).


So the first three turns were hugely in my favor.  I destroyed the land speeder, put 4 wounds on the thunder cav pinning them 2 of the first 3 turns, destroyed a rhino, damaged his central pred and generally was a pain.

Then Turn 4 happened…

Then he got close enough to assault with his flank on my right.  The damn grey hunters tore through the PBS AND vets before I managed to kill the rune priest and then force a morale check on the grey hunters.  luckily he rolled an 8, keeping him within 6″ of my blob stopping him from rallying.  In the end he held more objectives than I did, so he took that as the game ended on turn 5.  We tied for KPs (primary) and I took the tertiary as I killed all his HQ and he killed none of mine.  It ended up with a minor win for him, 20-15.


The damn thundercav, his 430 point unit, was shut down. The. Whole. Game.  They moved twice.

That said, I learned a few lessons.

1. If my 30 man blob has stealth, USE IT!

2. Spread out the PBS laterally to allow me to get out of hood range if need be as well as to ensure LOS.

3. Debating dropping the deathstrike, using manticore.  Will get 4 turns of firing a slightly less effective weapon with some horrid coverage with the D3 large blasts.  However, going to finish the deathstrike then try it again.  It may be angry at me for running an unfinished model…

4. Ratling snipers + PBS = Awesome.  With no storm shields, and always wounding on a 4+, it makes the PBS the perfect unit to hammer those deathstar units (barring them being fearless).  We’ve all seen them: Hammernator squads, Thundercav, hell Terminators  in general, PALADINS, large guardsmen blobs, etc. etc. etc.  Combinations such as these, or PBS + Mortars, or PBS + Deathstrike/manticore are seminal combinations for my army and continue to prove themselves in my list.  His army, as a whole, suffered repeated pinnings throughout the game.

5. Vox caster- I should model these on the rats.  Would have been nice, failed orders 3 times on a ld 9 makes me think these might be a GS project of the future.

6.  As the banewolf has scout and a blast template and is fast, I could have cranked it 18″ up the table and tore force a target priority issue early on.  Outflanking the banewolf when I was going first was a mistake.


really, I messed up a few key points, but with a wonky list built around pinning checks and one of my earlier IG games I feel I held my own against, while not a competitive SW list by any means, still SW with grey hunters and thundercav that force those tough target priority decisions.


Thanks for reading,



One response

  1. It takes a while to remember all rules and wargear when you start up a new army, even if you’re already familiar with it. It took me about 8 games to remember my Plague Marines had blight grenades.

    Regardless, looks like you took away some good information, which is really all you can hope for with a new army…well, winning is nice too of course 😉

    April 13, 2012 at 3:27 pm

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