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Fire and Ice: Revisiting my Khornites

So it’s here…my second massive Forgeworld bloodthirster! Now, how to make him pop from the first one that has been complimented many times and came up as a draw against Thor’s dreadnought from Creative Twilight. Doesn’t sound like much, but this is a guy who walks away from every painting competition with at least one win.

SO…I have two options. Painting (of course) and conversions (not gonna lie, sorta hesitant about this one).

So let’s start with painting. Gonna differentiate them through color and weapons. My Khornites now all have axes. All of them. The crushers, the bloodletters, the bloodthirster; they all have axes. So I am going to rock the GW stock model for bloodletters and run the second Khornite force with swords. For color, I am going to do an arctic feel. Came up with this idea when I saw model icicles at AC Moore and I said “Those would look awesome hanging from a frozen bloodletters blade!!!”. So I painted up my first one (pictures pending later). Came out awesome. It is sort of deceiving as while it looks blue it is mostly grey. It goes from Dark grey to light grey over several layers thinning all the while and eventually ends up with a light drybrush coat of space wolf grey and highlights of pure white. Arctic bases are still being toyed with.

So now to I modify his weapon? I debated giving him a sword or a glaive (sort of a sword, right?). Saw an awesome conversion that I think I could pull off handily online to give him a glaive or sword, but do I modify an already gorgeous model in the off and rare chance I field both of them? Again, I am leaning towards no. That way, if times are tough, I can sell him on ebay for good money.

So the concept will be two forces of Khorne, both led by massive bloodthirsters, pitted against each other. One fire the other ice. Will set up the display board to suggest this conflict. The ice force will have: Thirster, 10 bloodletters, 10 hounds, and 3 daemon princes.

Thanks for reading!



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