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Narratives – where Fluff meets gameplay

So as I have sat down and tried to write the fluff for the actual uprisings of Cordos (my IG army), I find myself wanting to not have a fluff that people say “yeah…too bad they aren’t that way in the game”. So, I said to myself, I will enlist the aid of some friends and design missions that escalate from the rallying of forces to the overthrow of the planet to the defense of the planet against SM retribution. Thus, I emailed to my FLGS players and they seemed to like the idea. My ideas for missions were: (This linear progression assumes I win all the games. They are sort of balanced to allow that, but those readers who know me know that if I am throwing dice, there is a good chance of epic failure…)

Escape- The rats working in the palace secure key and critical papers and escape.

Hold The Line- The Imperial guard garrison commander, not wanting to admit that the papers had been stolen to the governor, immediately mounts a haphazard attack against the local village known to be housing the rebels. He attacks them, and while the rats are vastly outgunned, they have superior numbers and a defensive position.

Breakthrough – This is the first Cordos offensive with the Rats assaulting the planet armory, overwhelming the sentries and stati positions to break into the weapon magazines to arm themselves.

Counter-Offensive – Having now become a serious problem, the Planetary governor orders the bulk of his armies on planet to destroy the rebels.

Breakthrough – The Rats, having defeated the majority of the army, must break through the imperial defensive lines to reach the imperial palace before off-planet forces arrive.

Checkmate – A small group of elite Rats finally break into the palace and must fight in corridors and courtyards to reach the planetary governor to force capitulation.

Endgame- The rats, having taken the planet, realize their victory may be short lived unless they can repel the small Space Marine force that has arrived.

So, through these games, I can write what happens and develop a narrative of the events to build the fluff from it. This way, the fluff is more dynamic in my opinion. THrough manipulation of Force-org charts, point values, and game types (hope to include a planetstrike mission) the resulting fluff will be richer and significantly more detailed than a fiction just simply imagined with no ideas to base off of.

Thanks for reading,


One response

  1. Spectre Senence

    This is truly a great idea for an army that you build with fluff and have converted as you are doing. For the mission with the palace; I have plans to build a stylish board with classy interiors for a space ship [but could replicate the palace] so this would be great motivation for me to get it done 8)

    April 5, 2012 at 9:54 pm

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