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First mission: Escape

Bear with me, this is my first mission I have ever written.  This is not really made to be balanced, but rather simply add to and help develop a narrative that will be more entertaining, believable given game mechanics, and unique than one completely fabricated.

So here it is!

Hey all,
So in writing the fluff I wanted to make the fiction of the cordos rats sound like actual battles thus I am going to put together thematic missions and would like to play against some IG mainly and then eventually some missions against SM.  They won’t be particularly balanced, but they are aimed at making the fluff…well, fluffy thus there will be some modifications (one side outnumbered, universal USRs, nightfight, sentries, etc).  I have about 6 planned out, but the first 2 are 1000 points or less and can be done in a single weekend.  The concept is, if I win them all is the following (will come up with plot hooks if I lose them)

-Escape (commander escapes imperial palace with vital planetary and installation defense protocols)  If I lose this, following mission is called rescue…guess what that is.
-Hold the line (Commander and small force hold their position against an imperial attack)
-Offensive surge (The rats of cordos go on the offensive against the secondary imperial outpost which also serves as a major armory for the planet thus has significant static defenses)
-Breakthrough (The rats of cordos, now well armed, clash against the imperial fortress to crush the remaining PDF which is now bolstered by a small SM force)
-Checkmate(The rats fight in the corridors and courtyards of the imperial palace to fight their way to the planetary governor and garrison commander)
-Endgame (The rats defend their world against an attacking SM or SW force (either works for this game).

First game is only 500 points, second game is 1000, third game is 1000, fourth is 1250 or 1500, fifth is 1500, sixth is 1850.  Essentially it serves to A) builds the fluff before standoff and b- builds up to the optimal points level for standoff and lets me experiment with lots of unit types and builds.  Obviously, not a seven weeks in a row thing, but when we get the chance type thing.  Any takers?


Veril Longtooth, having stolen key defense information, makes a daring escape from the imperial palace with the other Cordos servants. Knowing the palace guards will respond and try to stop them, he rallies them and arms them with crude close combat weapons. He also disguises two of the other larger servants as himself, hoping to disperse the guards focus from him and the rats scurry off to find exits from the palace grounds. Suddenly, the palace alarm sounds and the clamor of booted feet and shouting is heard, with the thunderous voice of the captain of the guard rising above the clamor.

Objectives: The Rats are trying to “escape” through the enemy table edge by escaping with one of 3 commanders. The Imperial guard are trying to stop the commanders from escaping.

Deployment: The table used is 4×4 to represent the imperial palace and adjoining grounds. The table is set up with 50% terrain. The table will be divided into quarters with the rats deploying in one and the imperial guard denoting the remaining 3 quarters 1,2, or 3 respectively. For each guard unit deployed, the player will roll a D3 and deploy that unit in the corresponding quarter to represent the surprised nature of the imperial guards reaction to the breach in security.

Reserves: No reserves are allowed in this mission.

First turn: The rats go first.

Game length: The game follows the standard game length outlined in the Warhammer 40,000 core rulebook.

Victory Conditions: At the end of the game, if the rats have escaped with any number of commanders and none have been lost, the rats win. If the game ends and no commanders have escaped the rats lose. If the game ends and at least one commander has been killed and at least one has escaped, roll a D6. On a 2+ the rats win and the true commander has escaped. On a 1, the true commander has been captured by the imperial guards.

Special Rules:

Night fight: The entire game is fought under night fight conditions.

Grab his gun lads!: All rats are equipped with only 2 CCW at the start of the game (excluding commanders who are equipped with CCW and bolt pistol). For each enemy model killed, the rats gain a lasgun as the rats have no weapons at their disposal in the palace at the time and fight only with cooking knives and large crude axes.

Calgoroth, Captain of the Guard: Calgorath is the captain of the guard and is equipped with laspistol, Carapace armor, and CCW (and all other equipment of a Imperial Guard senior officer). He is an IC and does not cost points. He is fielded with the IG army and may be used as the required HQ selection.

Modified force org: The force organization for this mission is as follows- 1-2 HQ, 0-1 Elites, 1-6 Troops, 0 Fast attack, 0 Heavy support.

Longtooth, Supreme commander of Cordos: Longtooth is considered as an IC and counts as a Lord Commisar (As he is unable to issue orders due to a lack of training of his subordinates at this time) but is awe inspiring to those around him. No upgrades are available. The rats must field 3 of these at no charge (Counting as Longtooth and his two look-alikes), but the rats may only field troops options during this mission.

Would love to hear comments and suggestions.


Thanks for reading,



Cheaper is better, right?

So as I cast more and more objectives for my FLGS hobby tournament I had a debacle and knocked over part B of my resin from Micromark. Now, not to go on a rant about Micro Mark, but their stuff is amazing. For anyone looking into doing 28mm casting, Micromark is the way to go. They offer everything from casting supplies to modeling supplies, even miniature woodworking tools such as tablesaws, routers, vices, and drill presses designed for miniatures and miniature terrain (they are a model company for trains). HOWEVER, to expedite shipping is SUPER expensive and as I needed the resin NOW, I was forced to use a different type. So the cheap part of me won over and I order a slightly less expensive by ounce (most resin bought in about 32 ounces will be about 1$ per ounce or around there).

I ordered Alumilite brand resin. There are a few plusses to it. Comes with measuring stuff, sets wicked fast to allow for rapid demolding, and is pretty lenient on mixing (Micro-Mark stuff will get nasty if you A) do not mix it 100% or B) if you put just a little too much A or B in the mix). Alumilite resin will be the resin I WILL USE for terrain as it hardens quicker and is a little cheaper. However, for models I will be sticking to Micro-Mark for the following reasons.

-Alumilite sets and hardens quick. This gives air bubbles little time to rise from the resin. Micro-Mark, for objectives, is ready to demold after 40-50 minutes, not 10. That gives the air nearly an hour to rise either out of the cast or at least into the center where it does not impact the detail. The alumilite casts have more air bubbles than my other molds have.

– Details. Not sure why but the alumilite details just aren’t as crisp. Alumilte is like trying to copy a picture by taking a picture of it with your camera and printing the picture. Not quite as crisp. Micro-Mark is akin to making a copy of it with a quality photo-copier. The edges are sharper and with micro-mark even the smallest imperfections are copied (this can be a pain however).

– Pouring spout. Yeah, I know this is minor, but its one of those things you don’t notice unless you have it then lose it. Micro-Mark provides pouring spouts for their bottles that allow you to pour less without a mess. Alumilite (at least the 8 ounce bottles I got) do not so it can be more of a pain to pour.

So all in all, if you are looking to resin casting of objectives, models, or bases go with quality. you won’t regret it. HOWEVER, for things such as terrain or very basic bases (tiles perhaps or just casting basic flocked bases) Alumilite will do the trick.

Thanks for reading,

Soldiers of Cordos fight the Soldiers of Russ


So last night I paired off against a SW player at my FLGS. I was running my rat list which is here  The lord commisar was with the blob of 3 guardsmen.  Ironically, they never had a cover save the whole game…fail.

My opponent was running:

1 rune priest with jaw/hurricane

5 thundercav with SS

3 squads grey hunters (2 in rhinos)

Land speeder

2 preds (AC/LC)

We opted to play a mission for an upcoming tournament he is playing in, my FLGS April Assault.  We opted to play  Target Priority.

We roll off to see who goes first, I do but he wins the objectives.  The objectives are placed along almost the center line, neither side having a disadvantage. or advantage.

I deploy with the PBS flanking my elements, the the command squads in cover near the blob, the blob in plain sight (bad move on my part), the vets behind some LOS cover, and the mortars out of LOS in the back of the table.  I hung back from the front of my deployment zone to deny him that turn 1 assault if he got a 6 on his fleet.  Thus he ended up deploying rhinos in front of the thundercav and with his preds flanking this mass of steel and iron.  I held my bane wolf in reserves to outflank and infiltrated my snipers into some area terrain surrounded by a river (natural defenses…hells yeah!).


So the first three turns were hugely in my favor.  I destroyed the land speeder, put 4 wounds on the thunder cav pinning them 2 of the first 3 turns, destroyed a rhino, damaged his central pred and generally was a pain.

Then Turn 4 happened…

Then he got close enough to assault with his flank on my right.  The damn grey hunters tore through the PBS AND vets before I managed to kill the rune priest and then force a morale check on the grey hunters.  luckily he rolled an 8, keeping him within 6″ of my blob stopping him from rallying.  In the end he held more objectives than I did, so he took that as the game ended on turn 5.  We tied for KPs (primary) and I took the tertiary as I killed all his HQ and he killed none of mine.  It ended up with a minor win for him, 20-15.


The damn thundercav, his 430 point unit, was shut down. The. Whole. Game.  They moved twice.

That said, I learned a few lessons.

1. If my 30 man blob has stealth, USE IT!

2. Spread out the PBS laterally to allow me to get out of hood range if need be as well as to ensure LOS.

3. Debating dropping the deathstrike, using manticore.  Will get 4 turns of firing a slightly less effective weapon with some horrid coverage with the D3 large blasts.  However, going to finish the deathstrike then try it again.  It may be angry at me for running an unfinished model…

4. Ratling snipers + PBS = Awesome.  With no storm shields, and always wounding on a 4+, it makes the PBS the perfect unit to hammer those deathstar units (barring them being fearless).  We’ve all seen them: Hammernator squads, Thundercav, hell Terminators  in general, PALADINS, large guardsmen blobs, etc. etc. etc.  Combinations such as these, or PBS + Mortars, or PBS + Deathstrike/manticore are seminal combinations for my army and continue to prove themselves in my list.  His army, as a whole, suffered repeated pinnings throughout the game.

5. Vox caster- I should model these on the rats.  Would have been nice, failed orders 3 times on a ld 9 makes me think these might be a GS project of the future.

6.  As the banewolf has scout and a blast template and is fast, I could have cranked it 18″ up the table and tore force a target priority issue early on.  Outflanking the banewolf when I was going first was a mistake.


really, I messed up a few key points, but with a wonky list built around pinning checks and one of my earlier IG games I feel I held my own against, while not a competitive SW list by any means, still SW with grey hunters and thundercav that force those tough target priority decisions.


Thanks for reading,


New pics of progress

So I have made some various progress over the past week or so, and have painted sporadically on quite a few models. First, here are my two bloodthirsters (no painting on em yet, but it just looks awesome)



So here is my “ice” Khorne color scheme (refer to posting “Fire and Ice”)




Here is the progress I made on my lascannon team:


Here is the rat ogre, or ogryn, progress:


And lastly, I have done just a few more details on the color sgt. Painted the medals, rebased the skin, cleaned up the haft of the weapon, and touched up the banners.


So just a pictorial blog today, don’t have any analysis of them or explanation. Thanks for checking it out, please leave comments!


Fire and Ice: Revisiting my Khornites

So it’s here…my second massive Forgeworld bloodthirster! Now, how to make him pop from the first one that has been complimented many times and came up as a draw against Thor’s dreadnought from Creative Twilight. Doesn’t sound like much, but this is a guy who walks away from every painting competition with at least one win.

SO…I have two options. Painting (of course) and conversions (not gonna lie, sorta hesitant about this one).

So let’s start with painting. Gonna differentiate them through color and weapons. My Khornites now all have axes. All of them. The crushers, the bloodletters, the bloodthirster; they all have axes. So I am going to rock the GW stock model for bloodletters and run the second Khornite force with swords. For color, I am going to do an arctic feel. Came up with this idea when I saw model icicles at AC Moore and I said “Those would look awesome hanging from a frozen bloodletters blade!!!”. So I painted up my first one (pictures pending later). Came out awesome. It is sort of deceiving as while it looks blue it is mostly grey. It goes from Dark grey to light grey over several layers thinning all the while and eventually ends up with a light drybrush coat of space wolf grey and highlights of pure white. Arctic bases are still being toyed with.

So now to I modify his weapon? I debated giving him a sword or a glaive (sort of a sword, right?). Saw an awesome conversion that I think I could pull off handily online to give him a glaive or sword, but do I modify an already gorgeous model in the off and rare chance I field both of them? Again, I am leaning towards no. That way, if times are tough, I can sell him on ebay for good money.

So the concept will be two forces of Khorne, both led by massive bloodthirsters, pitted against each other. One fire the other ice. Will set up the display board to suggest this conflict. The ice force will have: Thirster, 10 bloodletters, 10 hounds, and 3 daemon princes.

Thanks for reading!


Narratives – where Fluff meets gameplay

So as I have sat down and tried to write the fluff for the actual uprisings of Cordos (my IG army), I find myself wanting to not have a fluff that people say “yeah…too bad they aren’t that way in the game”. So, I said to myself, I will enlist the aid of some friends and design missions that escalate from the rallying of forces to the overthrow of the planet to the defense of the planet against SM retribution. Thus, I emailed to my FLGS players and they seemed to like the idea. My ideas for missions were: (This linear progression assumes I win all the games. They are sort of balanced to allow that, but those readers who know me know that if I am throwing dice, there is a good chance of epic failure…)

Escape- The rats working in the palace secure key and critical papers and escape.

Hold The Line- The Imperial guard garrison commander, not wanting to admit that the papers had been stolen to the governor, immediately mounts a haphazard attack against the local village known to be housing the rebels. He attacks them, and while the rats are vastly outgunned, they have superior numbers and a defensive position.

Breakthrough – This is the first Cordos offensive with the Rats assaulting the planet armory, overwhelming the sentries and stati positions to break into the weapon magazines to arm themselves.

Counter-Offensive – Having now become a serious problem, the Planetary governor orders the bulk of his armies on planet to destroy the rebels.

Breakthrough – The Rats, having defeated the majority of the army, must break through the imperial defensive lines to reach the imperial palace before off-planet forces arrive.

Checkmate – A small group of elite Rats finally break into the palace and must fight in corridors and courtyards to reach the planetary governor to force capitulation.

Endgame- The rats, having taken the planet, realize their victory may be short lived unless they can repel the small Space Marine force that has arrived.

So, through these games, I can write what happens and develop a narrative of the events to build the fluff from it. This way, the fluff is more dynamic in my opinion. THrough manipulation of Force-org charts, point values, and game types (hope to include a planetstrike mission) the resulting fluff will be richer and significantly more detailed than a fiction just simply imagined with no ideas to base off of.

Thanks for reading,