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Cordos troops go against Necrons….


So tonight at the FLGS I decided to run the rats for the first time. So after I get there I find an opponent for a 1500 point game…a Necron player.

I built my list mainly to learn about units such as PBS, Ogryns, Rough Riders, and Devil Dog while improving my familiarization of older units such as infantry troopers, vets, and heavy weapon teams.

Sooooo, I put together a sort of all around list that offered lots of options-

Company command squad with Creed, Kell, and medic

2 squads of 8 psykers (plus overseer)
4 Ogryns

Infantry platoon command squad
Infantry squad with melta gun and missile launcher
Infantry squad with grenade launcher and autocannon
Special weapon squad with 3 flamers
Mortar squad

Vet Squad with auto cannon, camo cloaks, 2 sniper rifles, and a melta gun

Devil dog with multi-melta
6 rough riders with 2 melta guns and a SGT with a power weapon


He had 2 troop transports with 5 guys each, a blob of 20 warriors, a doom barge or whatever its called, a named HQ, some crypteks, and 5 destroyers (3 heavies, 2 normal). Oh, and a monolith.

He got first turn, made it night fight. Shot at me, killed one guy. I went, shot at him, killed one guy who was replaced the followinng turn.

Turn two and he shook the deathstrike and killed most of the ogryns and 2 of one of the PBS. I again was ineffectual. Turn 3-5 pretty similar. I had terrible rolls but I took away some really amazing points and ideas based on how I play.

First- Ogryn; Out, Ratling snipers:in. Cheaper and paired with the PBS weaken resolve combo they work wonders.
Second- better long range anti-tank. Think I will pick up more lascannons or maybe a basilisk or vanquisher.
Third- Mortars are AWESOME. They were the single best consistent unit. In an all-comers list, paired with PBS, they have the potential to shut down an armies advance and, moreover, dump a LOT of wounds onto a hoard army.
Fourth- I don’t have invulns, fearless, or eternal warrior. Wow, I got used to these…
Fifth and lastly- Creed was useful and all but not critical. Kell, however, was critical. Creed may go for <;1500 but Kell is here to stay.

So I learned a LOT, gonna make somee minor revisions and run it next week or the week after as I have an apocalypse game next week. Daemons and Daemons vs IG and IG. Time to have An'Grrath emerge in his full 888 points of glory! Stay tuned for a battle report of pure daemony goodness next week!

Thanks for reading,


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