General 40k Shinanigans

To NMM or not to NMM, that is the question…


So as I begin to put paint to plastic for my IG Skaven, I am going to start with the color SGT (who will also double as a vet SGT for a vet SQD with a PF and CCW). So I don’t just want the concept and conversions to make people say “Thats so cool” cuz I get that with my daemons already. I want a an army that make people say “Wow, nice blending” or “That is painted amazingly well”. You know…one that wins 3 of 5 painting competitions in a hobby tournament.

So I have always been intrigued with NMM. Done right, this technique looks AMAZING! Done poorly, and it looks like complete ass. Hopefully I can pull off “Done right”. So I am starting with a guy with armor and a blade. I was debating making the armor a metallic green, or even just an opaque green or red. Then I decided against it. Purple and green are already present on my painted troops and these are good colors for the Skaven. I will be doing glowing green eyes on them and I would love to have a nicely colored and matching army. So I opted for steel.

So I will be doing Steel for the armor and a chrome finish for the blade (Steel on the PF as well with green glow coming from the symbol on the back).

So, I have opted to pony up the cash for the Eavy Metal Masterclass as I have been wanting this book for a while. I have also looked online quite a bit.

My next question is this…do I do the whole army as NMM? I figure it shouldn’t be that much harder after I get the hang of it. But to get the hang of it will likely take a long time and given the fact I am making an army for November that has nearly 130 infantry to it I may run into time constraints. However, the mixing of NMM and MM may look bad (I’ve never really seen it before). So I am going to do NMM which will not only develop my NMM skills, but also I will try my hands at wet-blending to get that smooth blend on blades (silver its not as critical, but for chrome with the broad spectrum from white to blue smooth blending is super critical). So after I finish the first model I feel I will be best equipped.

So who has done wet blending or NMM? If you have, I would love to hear your insights on it.


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