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So last night I played the third round of a campaign which allowed me to completely modify my list from last weeks (See blog entry: Nurgle Defeated!?!) It was a team game of 750 points each and it was supposed to be on a ship so the walls were impassable and blocked LOS. There were lots of narrow corridors and hallways with two or three good sized rooms that ultimately turned into bloodbaths….

So, the mission was spearhead deployment, 5 objectives seize ground on a 4×4 table. Daemons deep striking reduced distance so as not to mishap on terrain but could mishap on units (friendly and enemy) same as normal. All attacks were also rending.

I fielded-
Bloodthirster w/ unholy might and blessings

4 Crushers w/ wound abuse stuff

2 squads of 5 bloodletters

8 flesh hounds

My partner fielded-


2 squads of 5 pink horrors w/ bolt (one with changeling)

2 squads of 6 flamers

So of course, we do not get our preferred halves (neither of us, so a total of four squads to start). We went first and dropped one squad of flamers, one squad of horrors, and both bloodletter squads.

We deep struck towards the back, the opponents, running lots of infantry and two walkers and player SoB and VSM (with Sicarus…the guy with the roman plume on his helmet). We did some shooting, did some running. The went, moved, didn’t shoot at all (no targets). Our turn was to be glorious…until we epically failed…at everything. The two squads of bloodletters assaulted the walkers. Against the dread, I am not terribly surprised. However, I never even rended to TRY to hurt it. Agains the AV 11 penitent engine however I am disappointed that not a single hit got through. Oh well. The bloodletters agains the penitent engine died, against the dread only 2 died. We had gotten everything in from reserve except for the thirster and it just sat there. We killed a bunch of stuff with flamer attacks (a SM dev squad I think and the SoB command squad). There turn saw the death of most of one horror squad, the last of the bloodletters, the masque, and both squads of flamers.

Our third turn (we went first), we started to pick things back up. The thirster destroyed the penitent engine while the bloodcrushers arrived and moved in to help out, standing there cuz they just deepstruck. The hounds moved around and had a terrible fleet roll so they opted to stay out of combat. The full squad of horrors penetrated the dread twice and immobilized it and stunned it. During the opponents turn they killed the full squad of horrors, knocking my teammate to only one squad left on the table (which promptly sat on an objective so we COULD win). Sicarus assaulted the crushers…and died while inflicting no wounds.

Our fourth turn things looked very grim. To then we had killed 2 small squads and a walker and we had lost all but 4 (of 10) squads/units. The hounds moved and assaulted the seraphim to the south and the thirster plowed into the fray into some sister Vets. The crushers moved north to the objective still held by the enemy. The hounds attacked and rended enough to kill 3 of the four seraphim. They lost by three and ran, and were then swept. The thirster killed 3 sisters. That combat would last five full assault phases until he killed the SGT with a massive overkill of three wounds. They did manage to put one on the thirster, knocking him to only 2 wounds left. Their turn was movement and assault on the thirster with the sisters already in combat.

Our turn five saw the crushers moving out into the corridor to contest the enemy objective. The thirster combat continued. The hounds assaulted three SM holding an objective and killed two, winning by one. The assault persisted. Their turn six saw the sisters assaulting the crushers after shooting them with melta weapons and pistols. The assault failed and the sisters fell to the crushers letting them consolidate fully onto the objective and surrounding the last of the SM holding the northern objective. The hounds were assaulted by the last full SM squad, killing all but three, and suffered 2 wounds themselves as well as the SGT from the last squad. The assault persisted.

We had a turn six and seven.

Turn six of my assault phase saw the end of the sisters fighting the thirster. Hooray! Props to the nuns, they put up a fight. The crushers destroyed the SM to the north. During my assault phase the SM in combat with the hounds killed the hounds and lost one, leaving only the multi-melta and melta gun marines alive. During their turn they move onto the objective and fire at the thirster and fail to wound (one failed to wound roll, one save from the thirster).

At turn seven the thirster assaults the last two space marines and they fall to him on the assault.

We win a hard win with only a single objective held my 3 horrors.

The vet skills to come out were preferred enemy for the thirster and hit and run on the crushers. Should be handy with having furious charge and all. 🙂

So next game will be the final battle for the imperial fortress.

thanks for reading,



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