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Cordos History Chapter 1: Subjugation

So I have worked to develop the backstory of the Rats of Cordos. I will eventually compile all of the fluff into a mini fandex and push out for the net to have simply because I know I am not the only 40k player who loves the idea of rats in space… Now bear with me, this is my first time writing fluff from scratch, so there will be missing information, no maps right now, and some of this may be revised or completely redone. :p

The planet of Cordos lies in the outer reaches of imperium space being a civilized world crushed millennia ago by the fleets of the Lord Solar Mecharius. Being abhumans of small stature and no where near the match for the imperial guard’s numbers or technology, the Cordosian rat people fell before the main fleet had dispatched it’s heavy forces, tanks, and artillery. Mecharius was heard to comment that a single regiment could hold the world for a thousand years, and two would forever hold the planet under control. That said, he left an entitled Colonel to lead the two regiments he left behind and to act as planetary governor. That man was COL Jarvich Trazen who was endowed with much more money than ability and had purchased his way through the ranks of the imperial guard. Trazen ruled the planet with an iron fist, mistreating the natives and forcing them to mine the natural stones which seemed to react well with imperial technology allowing the locals to fashion energy weapons, that while crude and heavy, rivaled the imperium technology. The stones had little tactical use to the imperium as they were highly toxic to the touch and exuded a radiation that only the natives seemed to have a resistance to. The stones were exported, as well as mining equipment and press-ganged miners, to keep the planet afloat financially and to meet the imperial tithes and quotas.

The mistreatment went on for hundreds of years until year M ##.### a Cordosian called Veril Longtooth of the Longtooth tribe. Showing both a great understanding of strategy as well as leadership, the ruling Trazen regime took him into the imperial palace as a pet, similar to the taking of a curiously intelligent animal into ones home. This gave Longtooth access to imperial manuals and doctrine documents. He read and learned, smuggling out books and manuscripts that discussed weapons and drill. He discussed strategy at length with the garrison security captain, Captain Norhollme, who divulged sensitive information as he felt there was no more threat from the Cordos natives than there was from a small child. Over the course of nearly eight years, Veril built a resistance force, gathered the weapons, trained the soldiers, and made the plans. The time to strike against the imperium was now…


2 responses

  1. Good start.

    My question is how did Longtooth learn to read?

    March 12, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    • jrwilliford

      Fair enough. I forgot literacy may not be an assumed. I’ll touch on that and revise it. Sort of envisioned a battlefield earth type scenario with him…

      March 12, 2012 at 12:26 pm

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