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The rats of Cordos


So the imperial guard was my first 40k army, and I played heavily in 2002-2004 (well, as much as I could) as I was single and had lots of disposable income. Now I play daemons as when I got back into it I liked the idea of it. But now, I am returning to the army of the guardsmen. One problem though, the models are sorta lame and I like armies that are head turners. So, I devised the use of Skaven in the army. I really love the Skaven models but I have neither the desire nor the money/time to learn a new game system. So the Skaven guard were born.

The army will have a pretty broad focus upon initially building it: vets, infantry platoons, rough riders, hell hounds, leman Russ tanks, basilisks, death strikes, psyker battle squads, snipers, and penal legions. Eventually, I will narrow the army as I collect more models to build armies with very specific functions (such as a heavy artillery force with 3 basilisks and 6 griffons), but that will be a future goal.

Thus far, the rats are shaping up pretty nice. Oddly enough, I aim to do minimal conversions on a lot as I am doing this to use Skaven models in an army I like and too many conversions army wide would be ridiculously time consuming. So, that said, I have
– creed
– company command squad with banner

20 psyker Battle squads
2 ratling snipers (going to build more or buy some of the new jezzails. I like the new models more than the old ones)

20 troopers
10 penal legionairres
20 veterans (the storm vermin body may also be used for modeling other things like storm troopers)
Rattling guns (auto cannon counts as models)

12 rough riders
He’ll hound chassis

Leman Russ exterminator
Leman Russ battle tank
Death strike

3 chimera chassis though these will likely be made into other things.

So, as you can see, I am well on my way. My goal is to have it fully read for the FLGS tournament in november.

Thanks for reading


2 responses

  1. Going to be odd seeing you play IG. It’s also an army I do notoriously terrible against too.

    March 8, 2012 at 7:51 pm

  2. jrwilliford

    Yeah, it will be odd to play as something where I have to worry about moral and pinning and not making saves. But I figure it will be nice to have something to do during the shooting phase.

    March 8, 2012 at 10:18 pm

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