General 40k Shinanigans

The Red Tide thus far…

So I dug out all my models to appraise where I was on some of my units. Saw a lot of touchups and highlights that still need to be done/redone. The soul grinder is currently under construction as is the second scratch built DP of Nurgle. I need to apply some bases. I am strongly debating saying screw it and redoing all the daemonettes. I do not like how they are painted and I don’t think I ever will. I think i will repaint them more purple with orange, yellow, and white highlights.

So, here is the army as a whole-


And here are some closeups…

My flesh hounds of khorne

My bloodletters led by what has been referred to as a “secret HQ” model who has rending and has destroyed a Ctan as well as two Kans (the two Kans were in a single assault phase). He still has a little paint work to have done as well as touch up his chain connections with the skulls.

The flamers. I have some final details to finish on these guys and I have to base them (oh and fix some chips…damn metal models), but as I use them pretty rarely and they look pretty nice now, it’s pretty low on my to do list.

Keeper of secrets. Gonna redo his blade.

my first scratch build. Turned out great. Recently glossed his eye to give it that wet look.

My currently used models, the forces of Nurgle. These Guys have really cranked out the wins as of late. Who said fluffy mono-god lists aren’t competitive?

Lastly, chief of the pack, my bloodthirster. Still contemplating how to improve his paint job without risking having to redo the whole damn thing…cuz he took a loong time to paint.


Well, that is the current state of affairs for the daemons. Next- the state of affairs for the growing Skaven IG force.

Thanks for reading,


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