General 40k Shinanigans

The world of 40K shenanigans

Khorne Inquisitor here, I used to write a blog on B&C, but alas I started an IG counts as army and frankly didn’t want to do two blogs. So here we are. This blog will cover some battle reports. It will also discuss random shenanigans on 40K, show some of my cool to just plain odd conversions, discuss the hobby and things I have learned (or am learning), and someday I may try my hand at narratives.

Right now I play daemons as well as I am building an imperial guard army using Skaven models. Skaven? Wtf? Well, it’s a work in progress, but at the end of the day I just don’t have time for two game systems and have always loved the Skaven models. I will be putting out parts of a fandex over time and eventually publish the entire thing as I know from surfing the web that there is a fair sized community of people who are fascinated with the concept of rats in space.

My daemons…well, lots of conversions here. My bloodletters, plaguebearers, blood crushers, flesh hounds, daemon princes, and several other models are converted or scratch built. I’ll include pictures of these with conversion instructions. Most of my daemons are khorne or Nurgle with a spattering of tzeentch and slaanesh. Will include pics for these as I build up this blog.

Currently, according to my win/loss/draw, my records stand at such:
Daemons (mixed god)- (since November 2011 as this is when I started keeping track, but I am always digging back and trying to improve this data) 1/2/1
Daemons (mono-Nurgle, which has been my most heavily played since November 2011)- 14/3/2

Now my rats I have only rocked for one game…it was a loss, but a close loss at that.

My battle reports, to make sure I get them up, will likely be mostly details but as I get better I will incorporate pictures if I find a good way to do this in a timely fashion.

Well, enough ramblings, thanks for reading!


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