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Cordos troops go against Necrons….


So tonight at the FLGS I decided to run the rats for the first time. So after I get there I find an opponent for a 1500 point game…a Necron player.

I built my list mainly to learn about units such as PBS, Ogryns, Rough Riders, and Devil Dog while improving my familiarization of older units such as infantry troopers, vets, and heavy weapon teams.

Sooooo, I put together a sort of all around list that offered lots of options-

Company command squad with Creed, Kell, and medic

2 squads of 8 psykers (plus overseer)
4 Ogryns

Infantry platoon command squad
Infantry squad with melta gun and missile launcher
Infantry squad with grenade launcher and autocannon
Special weapon squad with 3 flamers
Mortar squad

Vet Squad with auto cannon, camo cloaks, 2 sniper rifles, and a melta gun

Devil dog with multi-melta
6 rough riders with 2 melta guns and a SGT with a power weapon


He had 2 troop transports with 5 guys each, a blob of 20 warriors, a doom barge or whatever its called, a named HQ, some crypteks, and 5 destroyers (3 heavies, 2 normal). Oh, and a monolith.

He got first turn, made it night fight. Shot at me, killed one guy. I went, shot at him, killed one guy who was replaced the followinng turn.

Turn two and he shook the deathstrike and killed most of the ogryns and 2 of one of the PBS. I again was ineffectual. Turn 3-5 pretty similar. I had terrible rolls but I took away some really amazing points and ideas based on how I play.

First- Ogryn; Out, Ratling snipers:in. Cheaper and paired with the PBS weaken resolve combo they work wonders.
Second- better long range anti-tank. Think I will pick up more lascannons or maybe a basilisk or vanquisher.
Third- Mortars are AWESOME. They were the single best consistent unit. In an all-comers list, paired with PBS, they have the potential to shut down an armies advance and, moreover, dump a LOT of wounds onto a hoard army.
Fourth- I don’t have invulns, fearless, or eternal warrior. Wow, I got used to these…
Fifth and lastly- Creed was useful and all but not critical. Kell, however, was critical. Creed may go for <;1500 but Kell is here to stay.

So I learned a LOT, gonna make somee minor revisions and run it next week or the week after as I have an apocalypse game next week. Daemons and Daemons vs IG and IG. Time to have An'Grrath emerge in his full 888 points of glory! Stay tuned for a battle report of pure daemony goodness next week!

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The trouble with conversions en masse

So I worked on my rats last night and realized…damn, I have a long ways to go. While I am quite positive the end result will yield appropriate “oohs” and “ahs” the sheer construction of models has become daunting, not to mention acquisitions. But in this all, I have learned several very important lessons. So, for a normal model, the process goes as such:
1-Buy model
2-Clean model
3-Assemble model
4-Paint model
5-Use model

Alas, my process has become a touch more difficult:
1- Buy model
2-Clean model
3-Find appropriate conversion pieces
4-Buy Conversion bits/Build conversion bits
5-Clean conversion bits
6-Convert original model
7- Become frustrated at gluing tiny pieces and having them stuck to your hand.
8- Paint models
9-Use models

So, really 3 steps longer.

Conversions are a pain, but when you do them en masse a few problems come to rear their ugly heads-

Quantity available- Come to find out, many bitz suppliers do NOT keep 160 hand grenade bitz, 18 missile launcher bitz, or even something such as 140 rifles (pig iron Kolony rifles) on hand. This means I have to order from multiple places or wait longer….I hate waiting. Then comes shipping. Oh my god, why does shipping 2 oz. of plastic cost 8 dollars shipping! I call BS. Regardless, so to mitigate costs I find myself shopping around (almost continuously. I find myself slipping into an Ebay Bitz addiction).

All the same? – So a rat with a rifle. Cool (I think). 160 rats with rifles? Tough to get ANY variation (especially as Skaven clanrats have a single piece for legs, head, body, and shield arm which is tucked in really tight). So I can move around the gun arm or I have to get to chopping the models apart. Sounds easy enough. Problem is, doing it with lots of em. 5 minutes each times 100 equals 500 minutes, or 8 hours and 20 minutes just to repose stuff, and 5 minutes is a very conservative estimate for minor reposes.

Damn you square bases! – So Skaven are fantasy. Imperial guard are 40k. Again, this is a bulk issue. Getting an extra 10 circular bases is easy, but digging up a ton of bases (many of them slotted at that) has become a challenge. Given, with casting, I have started to get underway with this one. (I am actually using my scenic bases and flocking over the daemonic scenics. Yes, I am making scenic bases MORE boring…)

So looking back, a few mistakes have been made on the way. However, the army advances ever yet forward. With 48 clan rats converted, several HQ units, the deathstrike and Hellhound well underway I find that the more I do, the faster I work. Momentum is great.

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Deathwing against the Red tide


So last night at the FLGS was the last night of the tournament. I was essentially an objective mission with only one objective in the center. He ran a DA Deathwing list and I ran a Khorne Heavy list (mainly because that is how the vet abilities fell). I ran, for 2000 points,

Bloodthirster w/ might and blessing (Had Preferred enemy)

4 x Bloodcrushers w/ all options (Had Hit and Run)
4 x Bloodcrushers w/ all options

14 Bloodletters w/ fury of Khorne
10 Plaguebearers w/ Icon (also had furious charge and hit and run)
15 Daemonettes w/ Icon

Soul Grinder w/ Phlegm
DPoT w/ bolt, gaze, breath, armor, and master of sorcery.

He ran,

5 x THSS Terminators
5 x PF and LC Terminators
3 squads of 5 terminators with 3 PF, 1 CF, and 1 PW.

4 squads had a cyclone. 1 had an assault cannon.

He also ran a LR Crusader, a LR (normal), and a land speeder with multi-melta and rocket launcher.

I did not get my preferred half. I got my Plaguebearers, Daemonettes, Soulgrinder, and DPoT
Early game he deep struck his terminators (2 squads of them) and ran them. I deep struck, shot up one squad and managed to kill a single model. On his turn two (he went first) he did some more shtooting, and assaulted and destroyed the soul grinder. He had 2 terminators remaining after assault. During my turn I killed the rest with my daemonettes and DPoT. By his turn three everything had come on the table. I noticed he was holding back from the objective with his LC squad and his THSS squad (in LRs). So I destroyed the other three foot squads and then started to work on the vehicles. Belials squad got out and ran through the remaining 4 or 5 crushers, the last 3 bloodletters, and the skulltaker (as well as 9 plaguebearers….failed to roll a 1 or 2 on the Hit and Run…Ultimately, the LC squad, both land raiders, and half of belials squad fell to the Bloodthirster (who has been renamed “Seabiscuit” at the LGS). With the rerolls to hit AND WS 10, meaning his terminators only hit on a 5 and wounded on a 6 (or two in the case of THSS), and then had to crack his 4++ save. Ultimately, I ended up tabling him, but it was a really good game. This was my opponents first game in 5th edition and he had been limited on army selection due to his limited numbers of models owned.

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To NMM or not to NMM, that is the question…


So as I begin to put paint to plastic for my IG Skaven, I am going to start with the color SGT (who will also double as a vet SGT for a vet SQD with a PF and CCW). So I don’t just want the concept and conversions to make people say “Thats so cool” cuz I get that with my daemons already. I want a an army that make people say “Wow, nice blending” or “That is painted amazingly well”. You know…one that wins 3 of 5 painting competitions in a hobby tournament.

So I have always been intrigued with NMM. Done right, this technique looks AMAZING! Done poorly, and it looks like complete ass. Hopefully I can pull off “Done right”. So I am starting with a guy with armor and a blade. I was debating making the armor a metallic green, or even just an opaque green or red. Then I decided against it. Purple and green are already present on my painted troops and these are good colors for the Skaven. I will be doing glowing green eyes on them and I would love to have a nicely colored and matching army. So I opted for steel.

So I will be doing Steel for the armor and a chrome finish for the blade (Steel on the PF as well with green glow coming from the symbol on the back).

So, I have opted to pony up the cash for the Eavy Metal Masterclass as I have been wanting this book for a while. I have also looked online quite a bit.

My next question is this…do I do the whole army as NMM? I figure it shouldn’t be that much harder after I get the hang of it. But to get the hang of it will likely take a long time and given the fact I am making an army for November that has nearly 130 infantry to it I may run into time constraints. However, the mixing of NMM and MM may look bad (I’ve never really seen it before). So I am going to do NMM which will not only develop my NMM skills, but also I will try my hands at wet-blending to get that smooth blend on blades (silver its not as critical, but for chrome with the broad spectrum from white to blue smooth blending is super critical). So after I finish the first model I feel I will be best equipped.

So who has done wet blending or NMM? If you have, I would love to hear your insights on it.

Team Tourney Wrap-Up

So yesterday I played in a team tourney at my FLGS and was paired up with Thor form Creative Twilight. I played Daemons and he ran his CSM. My list was

Chariot of Tzeentch
8 Crushers
12 Bloodletters
15 Daemonettes
6 Nurglings
Soul Grinder

He had-
sorcerer with lash
Plague Marines
Greater Daemon
3 Oblits

Think thats everything.

So game 1 was objectives as secondary and KP as primary. We played against Orks and IG. No idea what they had, but they had a bunch of lascannons, a bunch of ork boyz, Kans, Sentinels, some ork bikers, hydras, vendettas, and a bunch of guardsmen. oh…and nobz with a war boss in a battle wagon w/ def rolla.

This game I got my non-preferred half. This is a trend that would not break for the rest of the day. long story short, we just couldn’t make rolls. The battle wagon got to us and the nobz assaulted the CSM held section and things went to hell from there. Didn’t get the crushers in till the turn before the last turn and so they killed a blob of 26 boyz. The masque and lash sorcerer threw the boyz back again and again but eventually they got to us. Once they had closed the ground, we were screwed. Game over. We got 1 point, they got 34. Rough start.

Next we played a GK and Dark Angel list. beautifully painted models, I was simply amazed by the weapon painting on the GKs and the amazing armor work on the terminators. It was a belial death wing list (Dreadnought, Belial, and I think 5 squads of TH/SS terminators) and the GKs had a squad of strike marines, a squad of purifiers, a libby, Dread knight, and a vindicate. Oh, and a storm raven. We went first, i put in my non-preferred half, and we shot some stuff up. The daemonettes died to the dread knight who got bogged down to the nurglings for the rest of the game. Lash and Pavane were key in this game as they kept on chucking terminators back allowing us to deal with them a bit at a time. Tough to kill for sure though and we ended up with a minor win with us having 20 to their 15. Great game though against some guys from about 2 hours away, hope we made their trip worth it!

Last game was against Space Wolves and Nids. A plus of knowing you are no where near the top table, you can really have fun that last game (I have lots of experience with the bottom tables 🙂 ) So we stole the initiative and went first. Got my non-preferred half again. The space wolves were running all pods (except for a long fang squad) and the nids opted to outflank everything (gaunts, 2 x 10 gene stealers) so he deployed a Fly-tyrant and 3 hive guards. Turn two I managed to get in the crushers and they killed the tyrant. Due to LOS issues, the long fangs were very limited on targets. Again, lash and pavane were handy, allowing us to manipulate the table a little bit. The crushers would go on to kill some gaunts, and the chariot actually killed the long fangs. The CSM took the brunt of the beating this game. (Game two he had lost I think 2 rhinos and 2 plague marines and I lost everything but the masque and some nurglings). He was getting hammered by the SW pods while I ran around the table getting objectives and harassing the rear elements. This was the FIRST game where the game has covered the ENTIRE table. No area was without soldiers due to the copious deep striking. In the end, we pulled away with 28 points to 3 with us winning. In my opinion, funnest game of the day, and still a close game all the way until the end.

Overall, any day I get to play 3 games against opponents that I enjoy playing against I consider a win. I know I had a blast, hopefully my teammate did as well as my opponents. Biggest take away for me was the lethality of 8 crushers. Having the extra 4 (at a cost of 160 points) was worth it and is something I will field again.

“Man I suck at GS’ing”

“Man, I suck at GS’ing” or “Wow, I wish I could do that with GS”

Sound familiar? Most people have heard or read this lots. People see a finished product and are amazed at the work and bemoan their own GS ability to replicate good or great work. But they forget one thing…

GS is done in stages, just like painting.

When someone paints a model, they don’t start priming it and go from prime all the way to highlights in a spot, or even really in a single session. No, it is in stages. If you paint like I do (not going to put in all the coats) you likely paint similar to this- Prime, base colors dark, wash dark, base light, wash light, touch ups, details, highlights, final touchups/freehand/ fine details (pupils and such) and fit basing in there somewhere. But many people for GS will go- Mix, apply, shape.

Why is this? I find myself contemplating this as I let the first layer of GS for the objective markers I am scratch building dry. They have the base design, but they hardly are ready to start casting yet! I will have two or three more sessions…and this is for a FLAT 40mm objective.

So when doing GS, think of it as paint. Prime (clean and score), Basics (this is great for getting the shape right), basic texture (start making those texture cuts. Remember, you can wait for it to cure partly to make it a little easier to work with in some respects), then fine details. Keep your layers thin and only mix what GS you need. You can always mix more…you just cant unmix that stuff though.

Then to tie it all together, they have the joy that is liquid GS which works wonders to fill in those obnoxious areas on large builds.

Working in stages also gives you a moment to reflect on work. If you knock it all out at once, you may return and realize you don’t like it as much. With stages you can look at it the next day after the initial shape and say “crap, I don’t like that but I can do THIS to fix it” (insert hobby-ish idea in place of THIS if this were a real situation).

Bottom line is to remember that while GS’ing is horribly annoying at first, it takes practice. Lots of it. I am hardly amazing at it, but I am 100 times better than where I was a year ago. Practice will make you better quickly, especially with bigger projects, and in no time people will be amazed at your “Mad GS’ing skilz”

Thanks for Reading,

Tag team daemons

So last night I played the third round of a campaign which allowed me to completely modify my list from last weeks (See blog entry: Nurgle Defeated!?!) It was a team game of 750 points each and it was supposed to be on a ship so the walls were impassable and blocked LOS. There were lots of narrow corridors and hallways with two or three good sized rooms that ultimately turned into bloodbaths….

So, the mission was spearhead deployment, 5 objectives seize ground on a 4×4 table. Daemons deep striking reduced distance so as not to mishap on terrain but could mishap on units (friendly and enemy) same as normal. All attacks were also rending.

I fielded-
Bloodthirster w/ unholy might and blessings

4 Crushers w/ wound abuse stuff

2 squads of 5 bloodletters

8 flesh hounds

My partner fielded-


2 squads of 5 pink horrors w/ bolt (one with changeling)

2 squads of 6 flamers

So of course, we do not get our preferred halves (neither of us, so a total of four squads to start). We went first and dropped one squad of flamers, one squad of horrors, and both bloodletter squads.

We deep struck towards the back, the opponents, running lots of infantry and two walkers and player SoB and VSM (with Sicarus…the guy with the roman plume on his helmet). We did some shooting, did some running. The went, moved, didn’t shoot at all (no targets). Our turn was to be glorious…until we epically failed…at everything. The two squads of bloodletters assaulted the walkers. Against the dread, I am not terribly surprised. However, I never even rended to TRY to hurt it. Agains the AV 11 penitent engine however I am disappointed that not a single hit got through. Oh well. The bloodletters agains the penitent engine died, against the dread only 2 died. We had gotten everything in from reserve except for the thirster and it just sat there. We killed a bunch of stuff with flamer attacks (a SM dev squad I think and the SoB command squad). There turn saw the death of most of one horror squad, the last of the bloodletters, the masque, and both squads of flamers.

Our third turn (we went first), we started to pick things back up. The thirster destroyed the penitent engine while the bloodcrushers arrived and moved in to help out, standing there cuz they just deepstruck. The hounds moved around and had a terrible fleet roll so they opted to stay out of combat. The full squad of horrors penetrated the dread twice and immobilized it and stunned it. During the opponents turn they killed the full squad of horrors, knocking my teammate to only one squad left on the table (which promptly sat on an objective so we COULD win). Sicarus assaulted the crushers…and died while inflicting no wounds.

Our fourth turn things looked very grim. To then we had killed 2 small squads and a walker and we had lost all but 4 (of 10) squads/units. The hounds moved and assaulted the seraphim to the south and the thirster plowed into the fray into some sister Vets. The crushers moved north to the objective still held by the enemy. The hounds attacked and rended enough to kill 3 of the four seraphim. They lost by three and ran, and were then swept. The thirster killed 3 sisters. That combat would last five full assault phases until he killed the SGT with a massive overkill of three wounds. They did manage to put one on the thirster, knocking him to only 2 wounds left. Their turn was movement and assault on the thirster with the sisters already in combat.

Our turn five saw the crushers moving out into the corridor to contest the enemy objective. The thirster combat continued. The hounds assaulted three SM holding an objective and killed two, winning by one. The assault persisted. Their turn six saw the sisters assaulting the crushers after shooting them with melta weapons and pistols. The assault failed and the sisters fell to the crushers letting them consolidate fully onto the objective and surrounding the last of the SM holding the northern objective. The hounds were assaulted by the last full SM squad, killing all but three, and suffered 2 wounds themselves as well as the SGT from the last squad. The assault persisted.

We had a turn six and seven.

Turn six of my assault phase saw the end of the sisters fighting the thirster. Hooray! Props to the nuns, they put up a fight. The crushers destroyed the SM to the north. During my assault phase the SM in combat with the hounds killed the hounds and lost one, leaving only the multi-melta and melta gun marines alive. During their turn they move onto the objective and fire at the thirster and fail to wound (one failed to wound roll, one save from the thirster).

At turn seven the thirster assaults the last two space marines and they fall to him on the assault.

We win a hard win with only a single objective held my 3 horrors.

The vet skills to come out were preferred enemy for the thirster and hit and run on the crushers. Should be handy with having furious charge and all. 🙂

So next game will be the final battle for the imperial fortress.

thanks for reading,