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First thoughts on the airbrush

So, got the airbrush up and running and rapidly discovered a few things:

1) Mixing paints…yeah, that sucks.  Time to start making the conversion to vallejo model air.  Getting that mix juuuuust right is such a pain, and a huge mess as well with me mixing flo-aid, paint, and water.  However, I think I am going to start cutting with isopropyl alcohol or windex to make it dry faster, see how that goes.  Gonna try out fixing those over spray spots tomorrow with that.

2) AMAZING fast.  Based an entire predator and did the silver weapons (with a little bit of over spray, mainly due to inexperience) in about 35 -45 minutes.  But the gem of it was how smooth it was.  Super excited for tanks now!

3) To answer ShinyRhino’s question last thread, the ergonomics of it are great.  Once I stop thinning my paints too much, I think it will be even more so.  If I take my tip off and use the black paint that comes with it, I can paint VERY thin lines.


SO, to all those with airbrushes out there, what PSI do YOU use, and what do you use to thin your paints.  The internet is so full of answers that it would literally take years to distill the crap from the gold.


ON THAT NOTE, I would like to say that I am super excited for the new thirster.  Ordered one today (he’s gonna actually be my daemon prince), and it allows me to build THIS list at 1850-

2 thirsters

5 Crushers

3 squads of 16 bloodletters

8 hounds

daemon prince of khorne

Skull cannon.


Might switch to 1 thirster and throne of skulls so I can bump it up to 8 crushers…cuz, ya know, 8 is just a good number. :D

Either way, it will be a ridiculously impressive army.  Still sticking with my fire and ice theme currently, though with having quite a bit of blue stuff, I have debated started making that conversion to all ice.  However, few people have come up and said “Oh cool, blue Khorne stuff!”.  A LOT of people have said “Hey, fire and ice!  That’s a cool idea!”.  So, on that I think I will probably keep it.  If the new thirster is as epic as I feel it will be, I may procure another.  The new white dwarf gives separate rules for each of the three builds for fantasy only (yeah…they said new rules.  Didn’t expect it to be fantasy only.  Booo GW, Boooo!).  Hopefully, they will come out with 40k Rules for the three builds as well.  From the looks of it, they are “super choppy with area of effect, fast and choppy, and super choppy with template attack.  Fingers crossed they convert it to 40k.  So, yeah, it’s a good day to worship the blood god!


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Got this in the mail today!!!

So I got my airbrush today. Its a Grex XT with a .3 mm needle and pistol grip. Excited to watch the getting started video and practice with some water. I also ordered some flow aid and pipettes to start diluting my paint in systematic and exacting ways. If anyone has experience airbrushing worth citadel paints, let me know what you file with.

So I got my airbrush today. Its a Grex XT with a .3 mm needle and pistol grip. Excited to watch the getting started video and practice with some water. I also ordered some flow aid and pipettes to start diluting my paint in systematic and exacting ways. If anyone has experience airbrushing worth citadel paints, let me know what you file with.

Updates and a Question!

Hello all…

So, first, the question.  THIS, is MY painting sheet (not really a pallet, it’s just what I scrape/brush excess paint off on to).  IMGP0052

So….I think you can see the dominant colors.  Would love to see other’s.  I know some people, like the author of Thin Your Paint that probably has his in like straight lines.

Onto more blog-ish stuff…

I have made progress on the possessed.  IMGP0053 IMGP0054 IMGP0055 IMGP0056

Still have to do the black edging and highlighting, details, and then going back around and cleaning up.  I am struggling with the horns though.  If anyone has a solid “how to” on horns, would love to see it.  Managed a little progress with the Obliterator

IMGP0058 IMGP0057

And I continued working on my Vindicator shield.  My vindicator I hope to be a culmination of my painting and sculpting skill.  It is a possessed vindicator and I am trying to make it look the look.


The spots are where various daemon arms, heads, and torsos will be sticking out.  They will have bits of GS to look like they are being held back/ breaking through.

My list that I am working on still has some work to be done to be 100% for an 1850 list (plus a LOT of GS bases).  I have to finish converting and then paint one more oblit, finish about 5 more CSM, finish the Vindi, the Pred, 3 more Rhinos, and a total of 9 Possessed (of which 1 is 100%, 4 more are the ones above, and 4 more after that are straight black).  However, I already have painted 20 CSM, 9 Thousand Sons, Dark Apostle, Chaos lord, and a Rhino.  A lot of the models already have quite a bit of work on them as well.  Well, gonna keep pluggin’ away over the next week and I’ll update next weekend.

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Rhino complete!


Because decapitated heads aren’t enough for me!



The havoc launcher gets a seperate slot. This leaves room for a combi-bolter, combi-melta, AND a havoc launcher. Chaos Rhinos actually CAN be equipped with up to 4 weapons- 2 x combi-bolters, combi-melta, and havoc launcher.

Well, I historically HATE painting vehicles.  However, rolling up my sleeves, I started to tackle my vehicular backlog.  I started with a rhino, which I converted to look unique.  This is the first of 4.  The hardest part was figuring out HOW to get the scheme I wanted down.  The next four should be much easier and quicker.  024

022031 026 018019


My first attempt at freehanding a Word Bearer icon. I think it turned out fairly well!

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Combating Hobby ADD

So, recently I have been trying to hammer to ground all of those half-way models.  So, in the past weeks, I have finished my Contemptor, all three Slaanesh chariots, my new furies, and my Blue Scribes.  Here they are.  Now, I will be working on finishing my second blood slaughterer, possessed, and obliterator.

Blue Scribes 2 Blue ScribesContemptor Deadnought Contemptor Dreadnought 2Furies 1

Just a quick post to let everyone know I am still alive, just been painting, trying to clear that queue.

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Playing with new units!

So, the holidays and Christmas have been time consuming to say the least.  A new job, holidays, birthdays, and now air assault school have left me little time for hobby or gaming, but I have managed to a few games in.  So, during those games I tried out some new units (or, units I just don’t use that often).

Blue Scribes:  These bubbas weigh in at 81 points for a character (NOT an IC though).  However, he has several key advantages.

1) He auto-casts one random power from the BRB every turn.  If you use Maelific, he has a 1 in 2 chance of summoning something.  Downside is that if he summons a herald he takes a wound if he elects to use the power.  HOWEVER, he can also pull from biomancy (some pretty decent powers).  He also the ability to use Daemonology: Sanctic as well.  The power is rolled at the start of the turn before movement as well and the blue scribes are a jetbike so if Cursed Earth is rolled they can get into position quite easily.

2) Against psykers he has a chance to increase the number of warp charges generated by friendly psykers.

Overall, he’s pretty good and a fun character to play.  I will certainly be using this guy more!

Epidemius-  Ok, so this guy got nerfed…like hard.  However, when you put him with blight drones he is nasty.  I ran dual blight drones with this guy surrounded by plague bearers, nurglings, and plague Drones.  The battle cannon on the blight drones racks up wounds very quick.  27 wounds is a lot to build up, but within two turns I had wracked up 15.  I was at 27 by the end of the top of turn 3.  The keys to building this guy up-

-Daemon Princes of Nurgle and Psychic Shriek.  This one is clutch as it wracks up wounds pretty damn quick.

– Blight Drones- flying reaper auto cannons and blight cannons.

– Multiple Nurgle Heralds with ML 2.  I ran 2 plus epidemius.  One had 2 biomancy powers, one had one biomancy one daemonolgy.  However, they also get a free Nurgle power.  With an icon they can summon daemons that deep strike continuously more plague bearers around epidemius.

– Kugath with Necrotic bolts- SImilar to a battle cannon.

Aquila Strongpoint- Yeah, so the shop has one of these and I ran it.  You think a knight is a problem?  You sick of Eldar?  You sick of riptides?  Then run this badboy.  AV15 I have discovered is damn near impossible to kill.  Pay the extra 60 points for 4 tank trap sets to make it impossible for knights to get close and you can tear things up at will.  Used the Void missiles.  By turn three the enemy was nearly tabled with 3 void missiles hopping around his deployment zone.  This thing takes a MASSIVE effort to kill as well.  I was running against a taudar riptide/wraithknight army.  D strength weapons made short work of them.  Stronghold assault= a MUST HAVE!  535 points of pure awesomeness!!!

On that note, I tried a style of daemons I have never run before.  The daemon bomb…

It was a mono-Khorne army with renegades.  The renegades had a LOT of cheap units which allowed me to DS all of my daemons.  All of the daemons had instruments and icons (well, the ones that could).  I also had a aegis defense line with comms relay for reserve rerolls.  This allowed me to drop one unit on turn two and right away he had just shy of 1500 points of Khorne daemons in his backfield.  Turn three he was assaulted en masse by 2 thirsters, 32 bloodletters, 8 hounds, 5 crushers, and a blood slaughterer.  It wasn’t the fact that the attack came early, but that I was able to wait until he deployed, moved and then slammed into the weakest spot.  This was against a Necron force and I was able to hit one flank that crumpled immediately.  This resulted in a massive shift that completely ignored the renegades that ran the field and held most of the objectives.  I liked the method and hope to use it more frequently.  With renegades I am able to crank out lots of units for 30 points each.  For 500 points I can handily achieve 10 objective secured units with heavy weapons.

Well, thanks for reading.  Air assault school will soon be over and I hope to get some more time for hobbying and gaming!


The hoard grows!

Well, settled into my new home at Fort Campbell, home of the screaming eagles and I finally have internet…surprisingly, it took a long time. But I have made some solid progress on my nids.  I have largely managed to keep up on the pledge of painting as I go, though I didn’t realize I hadn’t finished the guns on the Termagaunts before I moved onto the hive guard, then I got a Toxicrene and immediately painted him.  Oh, and I picked up a zoanthrope for cheap (like 12 bucks) so he isn’t painted yet either.

SOOO, without further ado, PICTURES!:

1111 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 1102 1103 1104 1105 1106 1107 1108 1109 1110

I also have a sporocyte (didn’t build the drop pod…I just like the other one.  Will eventually get a drop pod though), Mucolid spore, and Hive tyrant.  Gonna get them assembled and then finish up hive guard, Termagaunts guns, then start rocking on the spores, and finish up on the hive tyrant.
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